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The Strand Values 

Valuing every achievement, we strive for excellence in all we do and aim for the highest possible standards attainable for each child, educationally and personally.  We want children to answer big questions, marvel at human achievement and look at things from every angle before forming their own opinions, which they express confidently and eloquently.  We want our children to learn to be their own person, to think and act independently yet always consider others, making the right choices even when people aren’t watching.  Encouraging social harmony, we develop respect for the beliefs of all members of the Strand community. This involves visiting places of worship and everyone participating in our annual Christmas Concert at Wellesley Road Baptist Church where we welcome the whole Strand community.  We want every Strandite to be an active member of their community and experience the bond of shared values that unite and guide us. In doing so they will experience what it means to be part of something bigger than themselves, learning to get along and feel the pride of belonging to our school.

Consequently our work is underpinned by the Strand Values

Independence, Respect, Empathy, Co-operation

Fairness, Responsibility, Friendship, Commitment

Reflection and Courage