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Meet Our Staff

Our hard working staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of all the children in our care. We are committed to making learning enjoyable and meaningful.

Ruth Woods

Gill Coulton

Tara Ristic

Head teacher 

Deputy Head teacher and Year 6 Teacher

Assistant Head and Year 3/4 Phase Leader

Kay Richards

Lucy Mackowska

SENDCo / Support Teacher

EAL Teacher

Sorcha Kennedy-Alexander

Alice Maynard

Tori Armour

Year 3 Teacher

Year 3 Teacher

Year 3 Teacher

Zoe Turrell

Ciara Backshall

Jess Marron

Year 4 Teacher

Year 4 Teacher

Year 4 Teacher

Wendy Bonner

Andy Ingram

Catherine Rigby

Remi Murray

Ellie Heale

Year 5 Team Leader

Year 5 Trainee Teacher

Year 5 Teacher

Year 5 Teacher

Year 5 Teacher

Gemma Nosworthy

Megan Hill

May Slingsby

Geoff Bonner

Year 6 Team Leader

Year 6 Teacher

Year 6 Teacher

Year 6 Teacher/ Music Specialist Teacher

Becky Essex

Jennie Crone

Krista Fiscalini

Head of Swan Centre

River Class Teacher

Otter Class Teacher

The Learning Support Team:

Ianta Archibald, Robbie Ash, Dexter Bentley, Debbie Branch, Clare Day, Kathy Dent, Issy Dunlop, Bonita Garlick, Laura Grimond, Fiona Heath, Denise Hewell, Helen Jones, Lucy Mackowska, Emily Stevenson, Seniet Tesfay, Neil Vandenbegin, Maria Wade, Jacqui Weir, Jo Whelan, Sheila Wigley and Sally Wilkes.

The Cygnet Club Team:

Maria Alleyne, Buki Dauti, Robbie Ash, Ianta Archibald, Dexter Bentley, Mary Clarke, Shemeka Clarke , Laki Ram, Ruth Waddingham, Hyatt Fellah, Lorna Washington and Shamim Hussein.

The Admin Team:

Kevin Thorne

Janet Perkins

Anna Madden

Steve Wicks

Kate Shafi

Jo Whelan


School Business Manager

Receptionist and Clerical Support

Clerical Support


Special Needs Administrator

Parent Support Advisor