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Strand on the Green Junior School



Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) is threaded through the curriculum at Strand Juniors. From class councils to assemblies, every opportunity to encourage and enable Strandites to become healthy, responsible and independent members of society are taken. Guided by one of our core principles, our aim to create citizens of the future permeates all aspects of school life, cultivating attitudes of respect, messages of responsibility and the capacity to think beyond oneself. Just as our values instil the pride of belonging, so they set Strand children on the path of local and global citizenship.



Our PSHE programme has three overarching themes 

  • Relationships
  • Living in the wider world
  • Wellbeing and health

Within these broad themes, RHE is organised into key elements that address the subject content [as set out in the statutory DFE guidance], and provide a framework for teaching the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes here at Strand Juniors. In practice, however, there is considerable overlap and integration between the various elements and themes. 


Our PSHE programme follows the statutory DFE guidance is taught through the following approaches:

  • Ethos and school culture: established messages and routines; values education; assemblies; music; pro-active and re-active discussion and reminders; modelled behaviours 
  • Curricular provision: PSHE, science, history, English stories, RE, computing, PE and other subjects
  • Visits and sessions by expert agencies
  • Authentic experience 



 Cross Curricular Provision

Examples of Wider School Experience Contributing to Personal Development and RHE

  • Competitive inter-house sport: learning to win and lose, belonging, resilience, working in a team
  • Mixing up classes annually: making new friends, resilience, handling change,
  • Privilege time: delayed reward and consequence; managing own behaviour and manners
  • Two residential visits: independence, time outside, technology free, self-care, being away from home
  • Performance, school community events: taking part, belonging, persevering, achieving goals
  • School/class council: having a say; making a difference; respecting decisions;
  • Mock elections: understanding and engaging with democracy, including resilience of participants
  • Charity and wider community contribution: fund raising, social action

Examples of texts we use to discuss complex issues;

  • The Paperbag Princess
  • Goldilocks [permission seeking]
  • Girl’s Can’t Play Football
  • Wonder
  • Famous Five [stereotypes]


PSHE Progression Model