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PE has the power to inspire, motivate and challenge. Whether individually or as part of a team, taking part in physically demanding activities builds character and embeds lifelong values of fairness and respect. Physical and mental wellbeing go hand in hand; sport helps us maintain balance and grow in confidence.



Content is drawn from the National Curriculum and has four core elements:

  • Developing competence; building skills in a wide range of physical activity from dance to tennis.

  • Sustaining activity; being able to run longer distances, complete more circuits, swim more lengths achieve personal bests.

  • Experiencing competition; learning to play as a team, show patience, communicate and co-operate to achieve a common goal.

  • Leading healthy, active lives; build habits that last, understanding the importance of physical activity in our wellbeing.


PE is taught by our team of specialists in weekly sessions. Swimming is taught by swimming coaches in Year 3 and 4. There are four main elements to PE:

Curricular PE

Invasion - football, rugby, hockey

Net and wall - netball, tennis

Striking and fielding - cricket, rounders

Athletics, dance and gymnastics

Extra Curricular PE Clubs - football, multi sports, taekwondo, netball, skateboarding, tennis, street dance and quidditch.
Non Curricular PE

Daily dash -  daily physical activity 

Active playtimes


Inter-house events, sports day, swimming gala, inter-school events, squad development, borough and pan London competition


PE Progression Model

To see our progression model for PE as a PDF click here