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Year 6 Trip to British Museum

On Thursday, Year 6 visited the British Museum to celebrate and reflect upon all they have learnt about ancient civilisations during their time at Strand. As Year 6 have most recently learnt about the Ancient Maya, the children took part in a workshop which focused on what we can learn about the Mayan people, by studying the carvings on an ancient lintel which was found in the doorway of the ruins of a Mayan temple in the ancient Mayan city of Yaxchilan. The children learnt about the importance of these intricate carvings and how historians can learn so much about different aspects of Mayan life, including clothing, religious beliefs and spiritual worship. Year 6 then spent some time looking at artefacts around the museum from the periods of history that they have studied including the Ancient Greeks, Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Maya, Romans and Saxons. Year 6 had a wonderful time and the museum staff were very impressed with the knowledge and interest that the children demonstrated as they walked around. Well done Year 6 and thank you to all the staff who accompanied us on our visit.