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The Captain Tom Challenge and England Does the Daily Mile

On Friday Strand threw themselves into not one but two sporting events - The Captain Tom 100 Challenge and England Does The Daily Mile.

Throughout the week children have been challenging themselves to improve the number of laps they can complete in their weekly mile slots and this afternoon our top runners across the school came together and ran an amazing 805 laps between them! The runners were 6H - Daniel, Eli, Sam, 6N - Achilles, Finn, Aliyah, Ilja, 6S - Alice, Tino, Ben, 5B - Zack, Maraam, Alice, Betsy, Liza, 5H - Jake, Masoomeh, Alex, Amelia, 5RM - Luke, Joshua, Vega, Eva, 4B - Nyah, Kaitlyn, Jaiden, Sam, Sulaiman 4M - Remi, Maya, 4T - Yahya, Ella, Aurelia, 3A - Susannah, Gabriel, Grace, JoJo, 3K - Zamzam, Hattie, Sebastian 3M Terry, Jake, Charlotte.

Our YR6 team captains have also been busy adding up all the results for this week's weekly mile challenges and we have completed an amazing 4571 laps across the school.