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Strand Celebrates Autism Awareness Day

Yesterday we all wore blue to show our support for autism awareness. Miss Essex led an assembly reminding us all that people with ASC have a unique view on the world describing both the challenges and positives this brings. She was joined by Andres from River class who shared, very eloquently, what having autism means to him. Andres speaking about his experience gave other children across the school the confidence to speak to their classmates about their own diagnoses and a chance for us all to remember the mantra - different but equal. Miss Essex also showed the fantastic cake (pictured below) made by one of our talented parents to raise awareness of autism on social media. The cake depicts a head in silhouette, to signify that autism is unseen, whilst the glasses signify the unique view people on the spectrum have of the world. It was a great opportunity to open conversations about the differences we all have and a reminder to people of how important it is to treat others with respect and kindness - not just on special days but every day.