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Souper Harvest Supper

The Harvest Supper last week was a simply souper affair! Singing skills were certainly on display as the set Mr Bonner had Year 6 singing in parts and harmonies with a cracking mash up of Caravan of Love and Hungry Heart – who knew those songs would sound so good together? The children sang beautifully and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as they finished their set with a fine rendition of In the Ghetto. The soup was also a hit with old favourites like Leek and Potato being overtaken in the popularity stakes by Spicy Mexican Bean. Thank you to all the families who contributed to the event by donating ingredients, buying tickets and eating soup. All proceeds will go to Water Aid – it’s a fitting end to the ‘It’s Not Fair’ topic, where inequalities around access to basic necessities such as clean water have been at the forefront. Thank you to the staff who supervised soup making and were on hand to serve families.