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Secret Strandites

As we end the year it’s time to take a moment and reflect upon the lives we lead outside of school and celebrate the achievements that our children (and staff) lead outside of school.

The first secret Strandite of the year is Miss Crone. Jennie, with the help of Mr Ingram, has introduced Quidditch to the school and it has been a huge success. Throughout the year they have been running a tournament and to celebrate the end of the first Strand Quidditch league Jennie has embroidered every member of the club a commemorative badge! What a hidden talent!

Next is Xois from Year 5, who has been awared the Chief Scout’s Personal Award for showing maturity and presesence of mind in an crisis earlier in the year. Xois received a letter from the Chief Scout himslef, Bear Grylls (!), and an embroidered badge that she can wear on her scout uniform for ever.

The final secret Strandite is not an actual Strandite but part of the extended Strand family. Over the last year we have been following the progress of Mrs Kitson’s son Tate as he has risen through the ranks of the UK Junior BMX championship. In his last competition Tate was so successful that he qualified for the GB team and now is competing in the World Championships in Belgium this weekend. Gemma has been travelling all over the country taking Tate to competitions and is really looking forward to the Worlds! Good luck Tate – we expect to see his name on the 2024 Olympic team sheet.