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SOS - Strand Off Screens

We hope you have enjoyed the SOS activities we have planned to break up the week and give some much needed screen breaks. The children have really enjoyed the practical activities with feedback on the stream being universally positive. Pictured below is Francesca's fab fractions chart - just one of the many off screen activities the creative team at Strand have planned. There were too many pictures to put in the newsletter so I made a slide show - click here to see all the fab work. If you need a break - and if it's not raining - we are still taking part in the Street Tag competition…

The Street Tag leader board is hotting up. We are holding onto our 3rd place with a cracking 1,667,290 points and we have walked 4,449 miles. Not bad during lockdown! Special mention to Callum and Sophie M who are closing in on Mr Ingram, who tops the leader board. The contest runs until 19th April so we still have plenty of time to close the gap on Edison and Strand Infants. As the days lengthen The Street Tag app is a great way to get out and about for your daily exercise.