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Quiz Night

Thank you to everyone who came along to Quiz Night – it was fiercely competitive but a very convivial affair. In all there were ten teams pitting their wits against one another in a clever quiz format based around a typical school day with each subject we teach appearing in each round. Making their first appearance at a Strand quiz ‘The A Team’ made up of Belmont staff - another school who loves a good quiz – took an early lead scoring a full 20 points in the opening round. Whilst the rather rowdy ‘Sarah’s Six’ and ‘Mr Murray’s Minions’ fought a hard contest, the battle for the top position was only ever a 2 horse race with ‘The A Team’ and ‘Combined Forces’ being a mere 3 points apart in the final reckoning. And the winner was …..‘Combined Forces’, aka the Junior staff who retained the title. A special mention must also go to the Cygnet Club team, ‘Early Birds’ , who made a successful debut finishing mid table whilst the last place went to the aptly named ‘Fish and Chips’, a team of just six plucky parents who brought a fish supper with them! A huge thank you to everyone involved in setting the quiz and the behind-the-scenes preparation. Best of all, the evening raised over £1300 for the school journey fund.