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Meet the Author - William Nicholson Zooms Into Year 6

Miss Coulton’s Y6 reading group had a real treat this week when they met with author William Nicholson virtually. This wasn’t just a standard webinar though - it was completely personalised. During remote learning the children read William Nicholson’s novel, The Wind Singer, and as part of their response, wrote their own question to the author. No sooner were the questions submitted than he replied with a special video in which he answered everybody individually. There is no better way to discover the inspiration, imagination and writing process behind a story than hearing it straight from the author. Both the children’s thoughtful questions and William’s in-depth answers were brilliant. Huge thanks to William for finding the time in his busy schedule to share his insights – he is also a very successful screen writer (Gladiator, Shadowlands…) so watch out for an upcoming real life drama about the Thai cave rescue. Thanks too to Cally, Sam’s (6H) mum who masterminded the whole project. It turns out that she was the editor of The Wind Singer and so was uniquely placed to introduce us to her friend Bill. Well done to Year 6 for rising to the challenge of such a rich dialogue about the deeper themes of the novel.