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Join the Egmont Reading Campaign

Children’s publishers Egmont are backing a campaign to introduce compulsory story time in schools. Children’s independent reading is in crisis: only 37% of 6-11 year olds choose to read for pleasure every day – and it’s declining every year. Research shows that of the best way to encourage children to read for pleasure is to read aloud to them. Children need to be read to frequently, both at home and at school – hence our expectation that each child reads or is read to for 20 minutes every day. Egmont Publishing has worked with lots of schools and tested the power of sharing stories by conducting a study at a primary school in Stoke-on-Trent, where 7-11yr old children were read to, just for fun, most days over 1 term. Their enjoyment and motivation to read increased significantly and their reading attainment improved at more than twice the expected rate. Consequently, Egmont are lobbying the Government to make story time an intrinsic part of every school day and we are backing their campaign. If you want to add your voice to this important issue then follow the links below.

• Sign the petition

• Join the conversation on Twitter

• Find out more on the Egmont website

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