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Into The Alligator's Mouth

This morning 12 children from across the school, along with Miss Kennedy-Alexander and Mr Thorne, visited The Alligator’s Mouth in Richmond, a very special children’s bookshop. Those of you who have been before will know it’s a treasure trove of fantastic titles for children of all ages, and the staff who work there are so passionate and knowledgeable about the world of children’s literature. This month sees the announcement of the shortlist for The Alligator’s Mouth early illustrated fiction award, so the children were read fun snippets from each of the books on the list. Of course our favourites were the ones that incorporated toilet humour! The children had great fun listening to the extracts and voting for their winners, and certainly enjoyed spending money to further boost Strand Library’s reading stock. Well done to Kayla, Maraam, Grayson, Adam, Joshua, Jernice-Nevaeh, Harry, Debbie, Kayl, Neil, Maryam and Abbie-May for showing such enthusiasm and asking great questions. Make sure you pop into the library soon to spot the great new titles, including ‘Dave Pigeon’, ‘Rabbit & Bear’ and ‘The Legend of Kevin’.