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Expert Visits Year 4 to Talk About Sound

Year 4 have been learning about sound in their Pump Up The Volume topic and 4B were lucky enough to have a visit from a Strand expert - Annis. Here is her report about her super presentation.

This term in Year 4 we are learning about sound. I am particularly interested in understanding hearing because I have a hearing band. I made a poster explaining the difference between my ears and other children’s ears. In my poster I mention how my middle ear is filled with fluid and that my hearing bone acts as an ear drum and vibrates my bone into my inner ear. While researching this I found out that Beethoven invented bone conduction. He did this by attaching one end of a rod to a piano and held the other end in his mouth. He worked out that the sound could vibrate through the bone and into the cochlea. Thanks to my hearing band I can hear like other children!

Thank you Annis for sharing your expert knowledge #scholarlyStrandite