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Census Day March 21st

Each year group has explored what a census is and how and why it takes place. This led to many interesting discussions and next week each class will be completing a Strand census. Each year group has also chosen a particular area to collect data on and to find ways to improve. Year 3 are collecting data about how many people eat breakfast, a healthy snack, manage to fit in 5 fruit and veg a day etc. Once they collect the information, they will then explore why it is so important to eat such a healthy diet and it will be interesting to see if we can increase the numbers found in the initial count. Year 4 are focusing on collecting data around reading and physical activity, Year 5 around environmental issues such as recycling and ways to conserve energy and Year 6 around secondary transfer and possible careers. If you have not completed the census yet, please do involve your child in the process and if you have already completed it, please ask them about the plans their year group has about the next steps with the census