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4H Extraordinary Egyptian Assembly

The day started with a cracking assembly from 4H who shared what they had learned about the Ancient
Egyptians; posing the question “Why were the Ancient Egyptians such a remarkable civilization?”. The
children have been grappling with this big question throughout their topic and the assembly was the perfect
opportunity to share the knowledge they have gained answer it. Eloquently sharing their knowledge and
confidently using very advanced vocabulary to describe complex concepts like hierarchy, innovation and
irrigation they led us through each argument in turn to support their view that they were indeed remarkable
for a whole host of reasons – not least of which was their longevity. If you want to know more about this
remarkable civilization then just ask the remarkable historians in 4H – they’ll be happy to share! Well done
to Miss Hayward and the team who pulled the assembly together despite being out yesterday at the Science
Museum – a busy week packed full of learning.