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Year 6

Autumn Term

Carrying Precious Water

Year 6 have one of the busiest yet most exciting years at Strand. To see the curriculum framework click here.
In the Autumn term we launch the It's Not Fair topic which is based around The Americas and The Mayan Civilization. It starts with the children putting themselves in the shoes of Nicaraguan children who walk for miles in order to collect water. After carrying buckets of water around the playground the children find it easier to imagine how they would feel if this was their everyday routine. They soon realise how lucky we are to have clean water whenever we turn on a tap! 

We follow this with celebration at the annual Harvest Supper which raises money for Water Aid. To prepare for Harvest Supper, Year 6 make soup and bread for families to enjoy. They also provide entertainment by singing songs and performing a number of traditional pieces on African drums.

The science focus for this term is The Good Life which looks into healthy lifestyles and micro-organisms - perfect knowledge for preparing all that soup!


“The Harvest Supper was great! I loved the drumming and all the singing. The soups we all made were delicious.” Rawan 6T

Spring Term


We start by investigating the science of Gadgets and Gizmos. We'll look in depth at light and electricity before using our knowledge to create our own periscopes and electric vehicles for our DT focus.
Our We'll Meet Again topic is launched by turning Year 6 into a World War II museum . Children look at a range of artefacts as well as reading the Strand on the Green Junior School log books from the time! They find out many interesting facts including that the Children at Strand were evacuated during the war and the building was used as a warehouse! The focus of this topic is to learn all about journalistic writing and, having worked hard in literacy groups, the children create their own World War II newspaper articles. Drama work brings the opportunity to dress up as evacuees. 
Freeze frame photographs in role are then edited using PhotoStudio to look like they date back to World War II.

Summer Term

Surf School

After the stressful week of SATs the children and the Year 6 staff plus a few other willing volunteers head off to Devon on our Road Trip to spend the week at Knapp House. Each day the children participate in a range of activities including surfing, canoeing and abseiling! 

Following the summer half-term the children launch into their preparations for the Mini-Fair, creating business plans, risk assessments and budgets for the stalls they run. There are always a wide range of imaginative and creative stalls on show. Needless to say some of the Year 6’s end up quite wet and messy! The fair raises money for the School Trips Fund and also provides the Year 2’s with a glimpse of life in the Juniors! It is a core part of our Economic Awareness Curriculum.

The final topic of the year is I Will Surive which involves looking at animals and the adaptations that help them in different habitats. Each child will study an animal of their choice and use the information they discover to produce a factual leaflet as well as a variety of artwork. We also look at life after Strand with a challenging secondary simulation week where everyone will have get used to moving around the school for different lessons and keep their homework diaries up to date or face the consequences!

The Show!

The T Birds

        To finish their time off at Strand, the Year 6 children put on a                     performance of a classic musical. Over the years Strand has                     become famous throughout West London for its performances of             Grease, Fame, Mamma Mia, Blues Brothers  and School of Rock             among others. Following the auditions, four weeks of  hard work               begin with the children singing, dancing and acting during any spare         moment. With the help of lots of staff the children put on an                       amazing performance which has the parents on their feet signing             and dancing with them! It is the perfect way to say goodbye to                   Strand.