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Year 3

Fife playing

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum through termly or half termly themed projects.To download the Year 3 Curriculum Framework click here.


We aim to make exciting and valuable links that cover every aspect of the curriculum, ensuring we provide many creative learning opportunities. An exciting launch for each project motivates the children and skills based activities develop the children’s life competences as well as their knowledge. Each topic culminates in an activity that provides a real purpose to the learning, applying the skills they have gained and displaying their creativity. French is introduced in Year 3 .

Autumn Term Curriculum

The Autumn term starts with the Juniorassic Park theme. The focus is on settling into the Juniors, supporting the children’s transition and celebrating learning achievements. We develop our scientific skills by researching different types of rocks and fossils with a brief overview of the prehistoric era and the dinosaurs that roamed the earth millions of years ago.

After half term we start our geography topic in Nordic Noir. After learning about the UK and other European locations, we focus on the country of Norway. We will look at the Scandinavian tundra region and learn about the people and animals that live there.

Kew Gardens

Spring Term Curriculum
The Nordic theme continues with a science focus when we learn about light, including the spectacular Northern Lights. We also investigate the forces of magnetism and friction through a series of experiments, recording our results in a variety of ways.

We then move on to our Fit for Purpose topic which begins with a  science focus on plants and culminates in a trip to Kew Gardens. In between this we will also learn about the human skeleton and muscles as well as for the food needed for activity and growth and the importance of a healthy diet.

Summer Term Curriculum

Roman Life

The Summer Term theme is The Eagle Has Landed. After an overview of the changes that occur between the Stone and Iron Ages, we will study the Roman Empire in detail. To launch our Roman theme we have a carousel of activities, starting with a visit by Emperor Risticus to set the challenge of setting the History books straight, an archaeological experience digging in sand and the children use the Museum of London website to explore Roman artefacts. The children learn about life before Romans invaded and research the invasions and settlements. We use the story of Boudicca to develop speaking and listening skills through a trial to decide if she was a villain or victim. Each class researches Roman life and hold Roman Banquets, complete with food, slaves and entertainment. The DT element of the term is making Roman sandals which are worn at the banquet. A visit to the Museum of London half way though the term provides valuable ideas on how to set up a Museum. The year culminates with a ‘A Living Museum’.