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What Will You Learn?

Year 6 Evacuee Drama Workshop

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum through termly or half termly themed projects. Through these, we aim to make exciting and valuable links that cover every aspect of the curriculum, ensuring we provide many creative learning opportunities.  An exciting start to each project motivates the children and skills based activities develop the children’s life competences as well as their knowledge and understanding in all curriculum subjects.

Year 3/4/5/6 has a topic framework outlining the main content areas of the science, history and geography programmes of study. This will involve a cross-curricular thematic approach where a number of other subjects, including art, DT, IT and PSHE, will be integrated into these overall themes.  

UK Maths Challenge

Maths and English will reflect the changes to national expectations and continue to be taught as discrete subjects, though again, there will be plenty of further opportunities to apply learning in topic based contexts. We have many exciting plans for developing both the topics and the core subjects, all of which will be phased in gradually as the year unfolds.

Each theme will culminate in an outcome that gives a  real purpose to the learning, providing all children with an opportunity to apply the skills they have gained and display their own creativity.  An example of this is organizing and hosting a harvest supper to raise money for WaterAid during the ’Its Not Fair’ topic in Year 6. 

Strand Win the Big Pedal

We are committed to educating children to have healthy lifestyles and we are proud to have achieved our Healthy School Mark, Outstanding Travel Planning Award and Gold Bike IT award. We encourage children to walk or cycle to school and make sure there are plenty of opportunities for exercise even running a healthy eating club. The curriculum is tailored to  ‘excite, stimulate and skill you to face any future’, and by the end of their time with us your child will have experienced an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum and they will have had the opportunity to enjoy a range of colourful extra curricular activities.

We  have a specialist PE teacher who leads our PE team to develop the children's games, athletic and gymnastic skills. We also offer swimming to year 3 and 4 at Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre.  The school organises competitive interhouse events and enters local competitions in various sports.  The children are encouraged to develop a team spirit and good sportsmanship.  Our PE afternoon currently takes place in the recreation ground adjacent to the school and affords an excellent opportunity for vigorous exercise and skills development.

Summer Festival

We also have a specialist music teacher who teaches all children in Year 4 a brass instrument. Our choir regularly sing in the Hounslow Summer Festival and other local events.  In addition, we provide opportunities for children to sing in the choir, play the African drums and perform in front of an audience.